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Assured Energy worked to deliver the best prices in an uncertain market for L.M. Liveries

L.M. Liveries LLP has many sites which are separately metered. With each site (seven in total) having individual meters, there is a lot to think about and a lot of work needed in terms of finding the best contracts for renewals and in terms of negotiating prices and contract lengths.

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How Every Week Can Be 'Energy Saving Week' - 5 Tips


January always feels like the longest month of the year. The weather is never great, we have the come down after the festive season, and December bills land on the doormat – while payday seems to keep receding. How much you’re paying for your energy should be the least of your worries.

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Don't be Uncertain. Be Assured!


If I were to say the word ‘Brexit’ and ask you what word comes to mind, I’m sure, after either leave or remain, that word would be uncertainty. For years, the British public was unsure they would get a referendum on leaving the EU. Once it was granted, there was dissent as to whether the vote would be adhered to by the people in power or if the outcome would appease their own political agenda.

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Smart Meters - Can They Really Save your Business Money?


The revolution in ‘Smart Tech’ around the home has boomed in the past few years. Smart speakers that not only play music, but can answer almost any question it is asked, remind you of appointments and even buy that DVD you keep meaning to pick up.

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5 Green Steps to Future-proof your Business


‘Going green’ has, for years, been a moral choice. With climate change at the forefront of discussion, ‘Going green’ has become a business must in terms of not only supporting the environment, but also future proofing your business. Studies show that consumers are basing their choices on the green credentials of the brands they are buying from-actively enquiring as to the sustainability of a business’s products.

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How to be Broker Savvy


The energy industry can be confusing at best, verging on sharp practice at worst. This blog looks at 3 common traps, and how to avoid them: What is a Letter of Authority, and which LOAs should you not consider signing? Why shouldn’t you agree any verbal contracts over the phone? Why should you ask if your broker has preferential relationships with suppliers? Read on and arm yourself against potential pitfalls.

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Defying Misconceptions


As a business, you understand the importance of getting the best deal from your suppliers: including your energy supplier. Just like going to market to find a new supplier for your products, switching energy supplier is often the best way to find the best rates available. Unfortunately, many believe that switching is time consuming and not worth the hassle. Well, they are wrong and here’s why.

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