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Your Business Energy Questions - Answered


Will my business supply be disrupted?


No – your new and old suppliers should work together to make a seamless transition. You’re only switching supplier, not supply.



What information do I need to switch my business energy supplier?


You will need to know the name of your current supplier, the end date of your contract, your supply type, and how much energy your business uses. Much of this information will be available on your last bill.



Is there a difference between domestic and commercial energy prices?


Yes. Commercial energy tariffs are cheaper than domestic, but they also have to contend with additional VAT, taxes and certain supply specific charges. The energy requirements of a company vary depending on its industry, so each energy quote is bespoke and prices can differ greatly.


Business energy rates are calculated on more variables than a domestic tariff. Factors such as business credit rating, size and location, type and sector, and annual consumption can affect your energy quote.


Can I get a dual fuel tariff?


Unfortunately, dual fuel tariffs don’t exist for businesses - you’ll need separate contracts for each. However, you're in the right place - at Assured Energy, we compare deals for both gas and electricity to make sure you're paying the best possible rates for both.



Are there any additional charges?


Businesses are charged a higher amount of VAT at a rate of 20%. Some types of business, such as charities or not-for-profit organisations, may be able to apply for a reduced rate of 5%.


There are also additional charges for HH (half-hourly) supplies, such as kVA (kilovolt ampere) and MOP (meter operator) charges. The team at Assured Energy will be happy to talk you through all of these.



Businesses also need to pay the Climate Change Levy (CCL) on their electric bill. If you pay the reduced VAT rate, you will not need to pay the CCL. You can also pay reduced CCL if you can prove your business is actively committed to reducing its emissions.



My business is a charity. Can I get a discounted rate?


Charities and not-for-profit organisations can apply for 15% reduction in VAT and are exempt from the Climate Change Levy.



Are there any green energy suppliers?


There are a number of energy suppliers who offer green business energy options, such as energy powered by solar, wind and geothermal energy solutions. Some energy providers give back a percentage of what you use to the national grid as renewable energy. Some are even against fracking – an environmentally damaging way of extracting gas. The Assured Energy team will be happy to advise you further on the greener energy options available to you.




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