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We offer you a better way

We always focus on what a customer needs as a business or institutional energy consumer – and not what suppliers want to sell, or what benefits a broker. Well in advance of Ofgem’s proposed Code of Conduct, we are already registered with the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) to provide you with assurance around our processes, training and systems.

Simple energy procurement

Our approach enables smaller businesses – from independent retailers and local franchisees to affinity group members in any sector – to benefit from economies of scale, more agile energy purchasing and consistently lower costs. With no cross-subsidy, you only ever pay for what you actually use, while benefiting from special products and energy services – including long term fixed offers.

No ‘high-pressure’ sales

No high-pressure sales tactics and no verbal contracts. We stay completely within guidelines for all fees and commission, with all supplier contracts open to scrutiny.

A seamless process

Our experts understand the pressures that face small and medium-sized businesses: we work harder to give you exactly what you need, so you can use energy as an asset to drive your business forward.

The best deal for energy users

We always focus on your needs, as a business or institutional energy customer, and not what the suppliers want to sell or what benefits the energy broker. We dont have preferential relationships or even marketing agreements with suppliers: we always engage the whole market to secure the best deal.



We want you!

Working with over 30 suppliers, we are a reputable, market leading consultant you can trust. We offer the cheapest energy and water, together with long-term fixed pricing, and by combining our industry expertise with your client relationships, together we can cultivate new business opportunities to our mutual benefit. 

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Our Suppliers

100% independent and objective, we work with all the leading industry suppliers.