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Switching your gas supplier is a great way to save money, find better customer service and gain more control over your bills. How much you could save depends on the size of the business, your location, and the type of contract you choose.


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What happens when I switch gas supplier?


Once you’ve decided on your new supplier and filled in our simple form, you can forget all about it until the day of the switch. We’ll contact your new supplier and they’ll take it from there. You don’t even have to tell your old supplier you’re leaving - they’ll do it for you!


You’ll receive a switchover date and a contract from your new supplier. Make sure to check this thoroughly. You’ll need to read your meter on the day of the switch and pay any outstanding bills to your old supplier.


And don’t worry – your old and new supplier will work together to ensure there’s no interruption of supply during the switchover.


Will my current gas meter need replacing?


If you have a standard gas meter, there will be no need to replace it.


What info do I need before switching supplier?


Everything you need will be on your last gas bill:


·         Your current gas supplier

·         The postcode of your premises

·         Your current gas consumption

·         Date your current contract ends

·         The meter number


My gas is supplied by an Independent Gas Transporter (IGT). Can I still switch?


Yes, although the switch may take longer and standing charges may be higher. You’ll have to remember that there may also be additional IGT charges, as these aren’t necessarily included in your quote.


Are there any other charges affecting my bill?




VAT is normally charged at a standard rate of 20%, however businesses that meet the minimal use requirements are charged at a rate of 5%.


Climate Change Levy (CCL)


The Climate Change Levy is an environmental tax on electricity and gas services.


Businesses that pay the standard VAT rate (20%) also pay the CCL, with some exceptions. Businesses that pay the reduced VAT rate (5%) don't pay the CCL.


How is my bill calculated?


Your gas bill is made up of two parts:


  • Standing charge – a fixed daily amount that’s paid regardless of your gas usage. This pays for transporting your gas and maintaining your meter. This charge varies depending on your location.

  • Unit rate – the cost of the gas you use. Your gas meter records your use in cubic metres or cubic feet, which is then converted into pence per kilowatt-hour (kWh).

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