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Look after your pets – and look after the planet?

You may have seen the press reports a few weeks ago: a UK pet food manufacturer is launching a dog food product that is 40 percent insect—soldier flies, to be precise. However, feeding flies to Fido isn’t the only way that we can help to conserve energy and reduce carbon emissions.

From an environmental perspective, the flies-as-food idea is to help combat climate change by avoiding beef from cattle fed on soya grown in Brazilian plantations that have been cleared from rainforest.

With pets estimated to eat around 20 percent of global meat, this soya is “responsible for the release of greenhouse gases in significant quantities,” said BBC News in its article ‘Climate change: Will insect-eating dogs help?’ (www.bbc.co.uk/news/science-environment-46811358)

So, could this initiative really help to protect the planet, as yet another way to “go green”?


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