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Assured Energy Outlook: Issue 20 – May 2018

Business leaders call on Brexit negotiators to secure close UK-EU climate cooperation

A coalition of 21 energy and business leaders has released a joint letter calling on the UK and EU to work together to ensure that the goals set under the Paris climate agreement are met following the Brexit process.

Addressed to Brexit Secretary David Davis and the European Chief Negotiator for the process Michel Barnier, the letter was signed by heads of major companies including Aviva, E.ON, EDF, npower, SSE and Drax Group. It was sent on 20 April and coordinated by the Prince of Wales’s Corporate Leaders Group – a coalition of European business leaders advocating solutions on climate change.

The companies put forward their view that climate change poses “one of the greatest long-term threats to our economies and societies” and called on the Brexit negotiators to work closely together in ensuring climate change and low-carbon energy commitments are upheld.

“We strongly urge both the UK and EU27 to commit to continuing to work together to meet the commitments set out in the Paris agreement, in any future relationship,” read the letter. To ensure this is achieved the signatories called for the development of “a comprehensive Climate and Energy Chapter, which covers both trade and non-trade issues”.

The letter also highlighted that integrated energy markets and climate change policies in Europe have “enhanced energy and climate security” and reduced energy bills for both the UK and countries in the EU. As a result, the letter asked that the negations “aim to ensure that these benefits continue in the future”.


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