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5 Green Steps to Future-proof your Business

‘Going green’ has, for years, been a moral choice. With climate change at the forefront of discussion, ‘Going green’ has become a business must in terms of not only supporting the environment, but also future proofing your business. Studies show that consumers are basing their choices on the green credentials of the brands they are buying from-actively enquiring as to the sustainability of a business’s products.

In many cases, making green changes to your business won’t come at any cost and can in fact improve profitability through a strong sustainability plan. Let’s take a look at five green ways you can future-proof your business, increase productivity and, ultimately, profit.

Alternative energy

Companies such as Apple and amazon have all pledged to switch to 100% renewable energy in the next few years and while this is admirable, it may seem a difficult move to make for smaller SME’s. However, it is becoming easier than ever to switch your business energy to a green alternative. Assured Energy can help you with this and in fact, businesses that switch can enjoy consistently lower energy bills. So, you will not only be benefitting the environment, but your overheads too.

Paper-free offices

The paperless office was first envisioned way back in the 1970’s and although we are now in that once long off future, we still have some way to go to make that vision a reality. On average, an office worker will still use 10,000 sheets of paper per year- a staggering amount, given the age of electronics that we live in. Cloud computing (using a centralised file drive for all users to access) is a good way of reducing the amount of paper consumption in your office and programs such as Dropbox and Google Drive are often free to use. Where it is essential to use paper, think about having shredding boxes installed as these maintain document confidentiality and documents are recycled where possible.


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