We are back with more energy saving tips that are sure to significantly lower your energy bills: Assured Energy know how costly energy usage can be for a small business. If you want to reduce your business’s energy expenses in 2019 please read on:

1. Get employees involved

In order to set clear energy saving targets, it is imperative to understand how your business uses energy and to identify areas in which energy is being wasted. Employees need to be engaged with this too; every day they need to understand ways to help reduce energy usage.


2. Regular boiler service

Assured Energy recommend an annual boiler service to maintain both efficiency and good working condition. As a business, it is a legal requirement to keep your gas appliances safe.


3. Energy efficient lighting

Lighting your business can account for a large proportion of your energy bill. LED lighting can dramatically reduce energy costs.


4. Join a Demand Response Programme

This works by encouraging participants to reduce their electricity usage during periods of peak demand. Participants are reimbursed as a reward. An extra income can be earned by reducing your electricity usage during times of demand on the grid.


5. Maximise tax breaks

There are many tax incentives offered for investing in your business’ energy efficiency, please visit for more more

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