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Expert knowledge & advice helped M. Chapmans & Sons find the best deal at the best time

M. Chapmans & Sons offers a wide range of high-quality cotton fabrics in various colours and qualities. Their quality fabrics are suitable for all textile trade needs and are competitively priced, with high-profile, premium fashion brands included within their client base, in addition to independent manufacturers and sole traders.

In order for M. Chapmans & Sons to maintain a high level of quality fabrics, the production temperature has to be at a consistent level, resulting in high energy consumption.

The Challenge

As with any business, the challenge that faced M. Chapmans & Sons was monitoring market conditions and engaging with various suppliers, alongside issues such as the time and hassle it takes dealing with renewals. Over the last 18 months, it has proved to be a difficult time for the energy markets, and so it is vital that the best deals can be found to help businesses use energy as an asset to drive their organisation forward.

The Solution

Using our expert knowledge and extensive network of suppliers across the energy market, Assured Energy was able to provide comprehensive quotes working from annual usages to find which suppliers were the most cost effective in comparison to the clients incumbent supplier.  

British Gas were able to provide an initial quote, which Assured Energy were then able to improve upon through final price negotiations.

Outcomes & Next Steps

Assured Energy were able to find M. Chapmans & Sons the best price at the best time, a common theme in the work Assured Energy do for all of their clients. However, in addition to finding the best price, Assured Energy were able to resolve queries relating to a supplier shut down for M. Chapmans & Sons gas supply, as well as gaining sound market insight and knowledge of the best time to renew.

Moving forward, Assured Energy has already created an electricity account review pending for December 2024, in order to proactively provide a further competitive quote prior to renewal.

Client Testimonial

“Assured Energy worked tirelessly over a 7-month period to monitor the markets and were able to provide valuable insights on an ever-changing situation. This eventually led to us agreeing a contract which was considerably lower in price than any other competing broker we  approached”


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