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Assured Energy helped Standen to lock in the right contract at competitive prices

Assured Energy has helped Standen to save on average, £10,000 a year!

Standen is the leading UK manufacturer and worldwide exporter of potato planting and harvesting machinery, all being manufactured in Ely, Cambridgeshire. As a manufacturer, Standen are large users of energy, therefore requiring the best deals and the support to go with it.

The Challenge:

Locking in prices and contracts at the right time was the main challenge that was facing Standen Engineering. The uncertainty surrounding whether prices would come down, or go up, has proved difficult for Standen to know when exactly is right to lock in the best contract.

The Solution:

Damien at Assured Energy was able to help by providing us with well-informed information, constant updates, and advice. Assured Energy monitored market conditions very closely, with conditions proving to be a tough time in the energy market. Standen were kept well informed with various calls and communications during these tough conditions. Damien was able to lock in a new contract at a great time, with the market shooting up 15% just the day after – the rate achieved is currently 33% under market standards.

Don’t just take our word for it!

“We have been pleased with the service provided by Assured Energy and have been a customer of the group for several years. On this occasion we were unsure of when would be the right time to lock into a new contract, but Assured Energy evaluated the market and advised a switch to a new provider. Given the prices of energy being so high and continue to increase, the contract that we were offered seemed to be the best and safest option going forward. We agreed to lock in, and we are very glad that we did considering the prices increased the following day and have continued to increase since.”


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