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At Assured Energy, we are more than just a service provider; we are your partners in a greener future and helping your business achieve sustainability. One way we do this is by partnering with industry leaders and integrating cutting-edge technologies into our offerings like CBN Expert.

Organisations around the world have made tackling climate change a global priority and the UK Government has passed legislation to reduce carbon emissions to Net Zero by 2050. To limit the worst effects and achieve this target by 2050 we need to halve emissions by 2030 meaning every business has a role to play, from the smallest SMEs to the largest corporations.

We are excited to partner with CBN Expert to provide an easy-to-use online platform that will help your business measure, manage and mitigate your carbon emissions.

Start your journey today for a more sustainable future with just three simple steps to achieving Net Zero goals.

Carbon Accounting made simple

CBN Expert is a Carbon Accounting Software that collates, measures, tracks and reports the carbon emissions across your business.

The data is displayed in a unique and highly visual Dashboard that gives you a 360 degree view of your emissions across all areas within your business activities. 

Having this data easily accessible will give your business a clear picture of your energy usage and emissions, transitioning you to the next step of your net zero journey.

Report total emissions by scope over multiple year periods.

Choose the key drivers of emissions by site and report them to key stakeholders.

Easily see how carbon efficient your business & each of your sites is being over a customisable timeframe.

Choose your metric(s) and site(s) and against key targets and show what progress is being made.

Dashboard Features

CBN Expert Carbon Accounting Software will take your business to the next step of your Net Zero journey and enable you to understand, measure, report and reduce emissions.  Full Scope 3 capabilities Aimed at businesses who are ready to start measuring their Scope 3 emissions and collaborate with their supply chains.

Features include:

  • Measures energy use, business travel, total carbon and carbon by area
  • Easy data entry & carbon conversion
  • Publishable results to share with stakeholders
  • Multi-platform compatible
  • Customisable reporting dashboard
  • Selectable carbon intensity metrics
  • Prior period comparisons
  • Full Scope 3 Reporting
  • Full SECR Reporting capability
  • Customisable emissions categories to align reporting to your business
  • Analytics suite to enable full analysis and reporting
  • Customisable Intensity metrics allowing you to report emissions aligned to your business activities
  • Create, track and report specific projects
  • Track and report the financial impact of saving carbon
  • Mass upload reports for easy data management

Make your business stronger and get accredited by the Future Net Zero Standard!

  • Report your progress to all you stakeholders
  • Make statutory reporting (e.g. SECR) simple, professional and compliant
  • Produce site & metric specific reports to drive engagement & action
  • Save recurring reporting to make regular reporting as simple as a few clicks
  • Choose how you want you data presented to you stakeholders
  • Give individuals in you organisation the ability to integrate their data and drive additional action

The future Net Zero Standard has been created to provide an annual, independent accreditation for users to ensure that their reporting is correct and aligned to national & international standards. The future Net Zero Standard is used to support the annual ‘Publish’ requirements of companies pledged to Race to Zero.

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